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The Problem of Divorce

The truth is, most of us want clear cut, straight forward answers to life's difficult questions. But the problem is there are things in life that are simply difficult and complex, like the issue of marriage, divorce and remarriage. Even the Bible addresses the reality of divorce in our world, indicating that it isn't always so clear. In fact, we tend to ask the wrong question. We ask, “is divorce allowed and what are the grounds?” But we should be asking, “why is there any allowance for divorce in the scriptures at all?” Listen to this week’s message to find out more.

Mark 10:1-12

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The mission of of First Baptist Church of Boron is to create spiritually-maturing Christ followers.
Our vision is to be a loving community of Christ followers who are:

  • Passionately in pursuit of Jesus
  • Deeply connected to one another and
  • Completely committed to share the hope and healing of the Gospel of Jesus Christ with our community and our world.

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